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Biking & Walking On Island


Nantucket's small size, flat terrain, and scenic beauty provide an ideal environment for bicycling. There are over 30 miles of bicycle paths on the island which include:

Surfside Road Path Madaket Road Path
Milestone ('Sconset) Road Path Cliff Road Path
Polpis Road Path Eel Point Road Path
Airport Road Path Fairgrounds Road Path
South Shore Road Path Bartlett Road Path
Nobadeer Farm Road Path
Old South/Milestone Connector Path
Hummock Pond Road Path  

These paths are separated from the adjacent roadways, provide convenient access to many areas of the island, and are an enjoyable way to explore the entire island and closely view its natural beauty.

All the bicycle paths are accessible from the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority shuttle routes.

  • The Surfside Road Bicycle Path is accessible from the Mid Island Loop, Miacomet Loop, and Surfside Beach Route
  • Cliff Road Bicycle Path is accessible from the Madaket Route
  • Milestone Road ('Sconset) Bicycle Path is accessible from the Sconset via Old South Road Route, Sconset via Milestone Road Route and Sconset via Polpis Road Route.
  • Polpis Road Bicycle Path is accessible from the 'Sconset via Polpis Road Route
  • Eel Point Bicycle Path is accessible from the Madaket Shuttle Route
  • Airport Road Bicycle path is accessible from the Sconset via Old South Road Route and the Airport Route.
  • All the NRTA WAVE vehicles are equipped with bicycle racksthat accommodate two standard bicycles on a first come first serve basis to make it simple to get to the bike paths. 

Please be sure to ride to the right and in single file on these designated routes. Obey all the one-way street and stop signs, and walk your bike when traveling on the sidewalk. It is required by law that chuldren 16 and under must wear a helmet. When stopping, please remember to keep your bicycle out of the way of oncoming automobiles and bicycles.


Walking is a great way to experience Nantucket and view its 18th-century historic architecture and streetscapes. If you arrive on Nantucket by ferry, you will be within walking distance of many of the island's restaurants, inns, shops, and historic sites that are within a 10-minute walk from Main Street.

Guided walking tours of the historic district are available. Various island organizations offer nature walks and bird walks throughout the summer season. Nantucket's many beaches are ideal for walking and beachcombing, and there are established walking trails within a number of the island's conservation areas. Land marked by a maroon and white post and land marked by a green-and-white post have many walking paths. When using these trails, please protect the plants on the dunes, grasslands, and heathlands. Leave wildflowers for all to enjoy, and always dispose of litter properly.

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Wheels, Heels and Pedals Everyone knows the aggravation and frustration of driving around Nantucket in the summer time, particularly to downtown and the mid-island area. Sitting in traffic at intersections and circling looking for a parking spot is certainly no fun. You too can play a role in helping to reduce traffic congestion and the number of car trips you and your family take. Incorporate using the Shuttle, walking, or biking into your daily routine – commuting, eating out, etc. The Wheels Heels and Pedals web site will help you plan your trip.

Nantucket Bike Paths

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